Embroidery Threads

Kacoonda Mohair

This is our newest line of embroidery threads - they are hand-dyed mohair and are sold in skeins (approx. 11 yards each). Samples are available upon receipt of a self-addressed envelope. The identifying color numbers are from left to right as shown in the picture:

001, 008, 033, 036, 049, 056, 059, 067, 068, 071, 073

Appleton Wool Color Packs


Color Packs are available in red, green, blue, brown, yellow, and purple.

Each pack has 6 skeins of one color in different shades. For example, the Green Pack has 6 shades of varying greens: moss, lime, evergreen, and pastel, in shades ranging from light to dark.

Appleton Wool Yarn


We stock all 421 colors of Appleton wools in both crewel (2-ply) and tapestry (4-ply). Price: $1.45 / skein or $7 /hank 

note: crewel skeins are approximately 27 yards - crewel hanks are about 195 yards in length
tapestry skeins about 11 yards - tapestry hanks about 60 yards in length

Please indicate the 3-digit color numbers you want in the text box of the order form.

Please follow this link to find an online color chart


Appleton Wool Seasonal Packs

Larger picture

Each pack contains 10 skeins of yarn.Colors:
Autumn: rust, brown, beige, & gold.
Winter: blacks, white, grays, burgundies, & evergreen.
Spring: pastel colors
Summer: bright, vibrant primary colors.
Mixed Pack - has a wide variety of colors and shades

Appleton Color Cards

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A box of color cards is available for purchase. It have snippets of all 420 colors available from Appleton.